SUMMARY: SEAM: Error while propagating the database

From: Debbie Tropiano <>
Date: Mon Apr 07 2003 - 17:52:56 EDT
Hello -

As it turns out the proper entries were in the /etc/inet/inetd.conf
file, but were commented out.  Changing the file and SIGHUPing inetd
got me past it and on to just boring old permission problems which
appear to be more straightforward and easier to fix (now just to
figure out who at Sun to complain to about their documentation --
I've found several errors/omissions in the two Solaris 9 guides
that I've been using).


PS  I did get one response but ultimately found someone else in
the google archives of comp.protocols.kerberos that had had the
same problem with the MIT version on RH.  He gave me a few hints
and I was able to figure it out.

Original message:
> Hello -
> I'm configuring SEAM (Kerberos 5) on two Solaris 9 hosts and
> while trying to propagate the database from the master to the
> new slave system using the command:
> 	/usr/lib/krb5/kprop_script
> I keep getting the error:
> 	/usr/lib/krb5/kprop: Unknown code 146 in call to connect
> 	while opening connection to
> The slave system is able to change the password (using kadmin) for the
> root principal on the master system, so it does appear that the setup
> is correct otherwise.
> Both systems have the Feb/11/03 Solaris 9 Recommended Patch Cluster
> installed and I am using the instructions from the Sun documents
> (System Administration Guide: Security Services -- the problem is
> at step 9 on page 99 which is the same as step 9 on the webpage
> Any help would be appreciated,
> Debbie
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