SUMMARY: problems with StarOffice 6.0

From: Rob De Langhe <>
Date: Mon Apr 07 2003 - 04:28:57 EDT

here we are again with the solution to our problem :

Thanks to Brian Riley, Gerard Henry, Frank Smith, John D Groenveld, Mario
Williams, Tim Chipman & Tony van Lingen for replying, but a very special
thanks to Ed Murphy who pinpointed the exact cause of the problem:

if Staroffice finds the library "libXrender" in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH
variable, it will use it in order to speed up the X-display. But a minor
(...) side-effect is that the menu labels do not display anymore.

So I simply edited the startup script "/opt/staroffice6.0/program/soffice"
and modified the setting of the LD_LIBRARY_PATH in the "case" statement
(around line 144). Just before the line(s)

I included the following line to remove the directory /usr/sfw/lib
(containing the nasty libXrender library) from the variable contents:

   LD_LIBRARY_PATH=`echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH|sed -e 's/\/usr\/sfw\/lib//g'`

That's all. Everything is working fine from then on.

We have NOT applied the patch from SunSolve yet, waiting to see if I get
other problems with the native version. By the way, this patch 112885-03 is
listed to apply on Sol-7 and Sol-8, nothing said about Sol-9. So cross our
fingers and wait&see.

Regards to this spectacular group of gurus!


A very special thanks to 

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Subject: UPDATE: problems with StarOffice 6.0


I got a few remarks that I needed to invoke the "setup" script from the
with the option "-net".

I followed the procedure at
( to render SO6 available

After this, as a user, I launch the command


This displays a main SO6 window, but with a popup window that's titled
"Registration", but any text in this window is blanked out (fonts?

Also all the menu options in the main SO6 window do not carry labels, in
these pull-down menu options again all text labels are blank.

What did I do wrong ? What's missing ?



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Subject: problems with StarOffice 6.0


we are running Solaris-9, and I just wanted to give StarOffice a try for
our users.

I installed the bundled CD "StarOffice 6.0", it goes into

When an ordinary user launches "/opt/staroffice6.0/soffice some.doc"
(MS-Word document) it shows an initial window-border (altough empty) and
in there a small popup-window (again empty) with just a yellow triangle
with exclamation mark in it and a non-labeled button that I can press.

When this button is pressed, the program crashes and leave a core dump,
not a single message.

How about that ?

Where do I start to troubleshoot ?

All reactions are very welcome !

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