SUMMARY: xhost/X Display question

From: <>
Date: Fri Apr 04 2003 - 18:14:51 EST
Thanks to all who responded,  In the end I choosed Xvfb - X Virtual Frame Buffer. So far it's working perfectly!  Xvfb uses shared memory to create a virtual frame buffer to (for example) DISPLAY=:1.0  
Because of this I wonder if at some point I'll have to increase shared memory segments, I guess we'll see. 

Sincere thanks to the following who suggested Xvfb:

David Foster <>
Jonathan Burelbach <>
Robert N Wood <>
Matthew Stier <>

Other suggestions:
VNC Server 
"Vandevegt, James Matthew (Jim)" <>
"Roetman, Paul" <>

"Heilke, Rainer" <>

I have a requirement to automate a process upon startup (probably a script in rc3.d) that will do: 
xhost + 
su - appluser -c "export DISPLAY=satori:0.0;xhost +;/usr/dt/dtterm" (I know, I know...X security...) 

Or perhaps I need to do something else....the goal is to allow an application that runs via cron can open a dtterm session which it needs & uses without manual intervention. If this workstation gets rebooted, etc. the job always fails unless someone manually logs in as the application user and opens a dtterm & does the export DISPLAY, xhost, etc. I can't seem to get this set via startup complains with: 

Xlib: connection to "satori:0.0" refused by server 
Xlib: Invalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 key 
xhost:  unable to open display "satori:0.0" 

Is the problem because the workstation goes to CDE login screen & cannot be 'sent' a dtterm until it's actually logged in? 

TIA, Kevin 

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