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From: François Legal <>
Date: Fri Apr 04 2003 - 05:54:40 EST
 Hi managers.
Thanks for all your answers.

My problem is still not fixed, and I will give you more details :

Then question was how to configure sendmail for relaying all emails to a

I'am in the domain
There is one mail server for domain ( with a cname in the dns system)
All mails for the outside arrive by this host.
In my subdomain, I've got another mail server ( called
mail-server ), and I want to use this one as my smarthost.

When I specify as DSmail-server or, the
sendmail log show that it tries to send outgoing mail to
If I leave DS empty, the outgoing mails are sent to
The only way I've found is to indicate DS[<IP address of mail-server>]



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