SUMMARY Remote System control problems

From: Schaper, Soeren <>
Date: Fri Apr 04 2003 - 05:11:23 EST
	Hi all,
thanks to Kelly G. McDonald, Mark Preston, Charlott Ratliff, Andrew Maddox,
Joe Fletcher, Jim Musso, Thomas Autry and Dirk Boenning who all pointed out
to me that there is an error with the sun documentation and to redirect the
console you have to set input-device and output device to rsc-console and
not as described in the dokumentation just to rsc.

again, thanks to all who replied


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Von: Schaper, Soeren
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Betreff: Remote System control problems


 I'am in the process of configuring the RSC on our newest V880. So far all
went well, I can connect and issue all rsc commands. What I don't get
running is having the console redirected to the rsc to see the boot messages
and if I send a break, nothing happens. The OBP command diag-output-to rsc
does not seem to work. Does anyone knows whats wrong here ?

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