Summary: tape to tape dd on different workstations

From: himanshukhona <>
Date: Thu Apr 03 2003 - 23:50:30 EST

Below is the mail attached which has similar answers to many others.

Thanks to all of them.

AS the subject suggests i needded to duplicate tapes which would be in tape drives connected to different hosts.

The answer was pretty much simple:

From source host run:

dd if=/dev/rmt/6st bs=1024|rsh host_target dd of=/dev/rmt/0 obs=1024.



"Rich Kulawiec" wrote:

On Wed, Apr 02, 2003 at 04:29:05PM +0530, himanshukhona wrote:
&gt; I have 2 machines with 2 different tape drives.
&gt; IBM 3590 on v880 &amp; sun 8mm tape drive on SB1000.
&gt; I want to dump data on IBM3590 on 8mm tape drive on SB1000.
&gt; How can i run dd between 2 different devices on different machines.

I'll show this example with rsh, but ssh would work much the same way;

&gt;From the sb1000:

rsh v800hostname -n "dd if=/dev/rmt/0 bs=20k" | dd of=/dev/rmt/1 bs=10k

or from the v880:

dd if=/dev/rmt/0 bs=20k | rsh sb1000hostname "dd of=/dev/rmt/1 bs=10k"

You'll need to adjust the device names and the blocking factor (the bs= part)
to suit whatever-it-is you're actually trying to copy.


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