Summary: NIS, ypbind & maybe Oracle

From: Dinwiddie, Ron (TIFPC) <>
Date: Thu Apr 03 2003 - 10:20:22 EST

Original problem stated below.  I had a couple of responses and suggestions
from the following:
- Casper Dik who asked if I had run the ypinit -c as the error message
stated (I had and the problem persisted)
- Cathy Bodenstedt who suggested taking a look at the Oracle kernel

Here's the action I finally took with a final suggestion from Sun Tech
Support (Jose Martinez) that has apparently resolved this issue:

1) asked one of our Oracle DBA's to check the file identified in the
Sunsolve article below - which he did and the entry is correct 
2) stopped NIS/yp on both the master and slave
3) "destroyed" NIS on the master (after backing up - I didn't just fall of
the turnip truck *S* - I deleted the /var/yp directory)
4) recreated the NIS master "ypinit -m"
5) took the same action on the slave, except used "ypinit -s <MSTR_SRVR>"
6) the problem came back after about 8 minutes - which is when I contacted
7) Jose had me redo the steps above with the same result
8) the one thing that he had me do that had not previously been done, and
apparently resolved the issue was to rename the following file:
9) stopped and restarted NIS (/var/lib/netsvc/yp/ypstop &

Once I renamed the file in step 8 above and restarted NIS, the error
messages stopped.  A new issue was introduced that may be related to the
renaming of the file when a late-night reboot of the Master showed that NIS
successfully failed over to the slave, but the master also bound itself to
the slave during the reboot phase.  This was easily resolved by stopping the
yp processes on both the master and the slave, starting them on the master -
which bound itself back to itself as it should - and the restarted them on
the slave - which also bound itself back to the master.  A 2 minute "fix".

Ron D

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Subject: NIS, ypbind & maybe Oracle

Please bear with me as this may be fairly long as I try to describe our


2 E420R's - 1 set up as NIS Master and 1 as NIS slave/client
OS - both running Solaris8
Oracle 8i - installed on NIS Master
Both systems are on the same subnet

Although NIS appears to be running properly and successfully,
/var/adm/messages is growing extremely large with the following error
message that repeats every 5 seconds:

Apr  1 14:03:42 NISmaster ypbind[28563]: [ID 379826 daemon.error] service
not installed, use /usr/sbin/ypinit -c

The code inside the [] directly behind ypbind changes, but the ID number
remains the same, as does the rest of the message.
As I mentioned before, NIS appears to be running properly and all yp
processes are running.  I can execute a "ypcat hosts" on either system and
get the map.  I can run "/usr/ccs/bin/make" on the master and it pushes the
maps out successfully.

Things I have modified/checked include:
- stopping & restarting yp  (/usr/lib/netsvcyp/ypstop & ypstart) When I do
this, the error message stops for approximately 10 minutes, then starts up
- editting /var/yp/Makefile and removing all references to maps that we
aren't using in the NIS environment (we are only pushing out passwd, hosts,
& group in this instance)
- checked /etc/nsswitch.conf to ensure the proper entries were "files nis" -
they are
- recreating both the master & slave
   - cd /var/yp
   - ypinit -m  (for master)
   - ypinit -s NISmaster  (for the slave)
- made both systems client using ypinit -c
- found the following article concerning Oracle and asked one of our DBA's
to check it out (he said that the recommended solution is already in place
on the master):
  - this article addresses the following:
    If something (client or server side) formulates a query which that leads
to it attempting to contact a non existent database, the setup is likely to
send a query off to NIS/YP. It is at this stage, that the NIS/YP domainname
in ypbind gets corrupt. 

We have another sub-net running NIS successfully and the only difference I
can see between the two is that the "problem" NIS master has Oracle
installed on it while the "good" NIS master doesn't.

Does anyone have any ideas that I haven't mentioned above?


Ron D
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