SUMMARY: V880 "memory" error

From: <>
Date: Thu Apr 03 2003 - 06:18:00 EST

Tentative summary this.

It appears it was actually a bad DIMM. However there's 
a bug in the firmware such that it reports the wrong 
module as being faulty. Patches will follow naturally.

I'm still curious as to why it was the disk traffic that 
provoked the error but presumably the copy operations 
exercised the specific location which had the fault.

------------ originally -------------------

Anyone got any ideas on this? System is a V880 fully 
packed patched upto 108528-18, OBP 4.7.0. It's almost 
certainly not an error in physical memory and we've had 
the DIMMs swapped out.

Errors get clocked as soon as we start loading the disks.
Looks to me like it might be a PCI issue but I'm open 
to suggestions.


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