Summary: Sun hardware for printer server -- Recommendation?

From: Zaigui Wang <>
Date: Wed Apr 02 2003 - 17:22:13 EST
I got a few responses, including one response
regarding software suggestion for printing queue
management (CUPS). 

Most pointed out that print server resource
requirements are pretty minimal. It is not
CPU-intensive, but one needs to be rather generous on
disk space and RAM. Network capacity/bandwidth may
also play an important role. In some cases, people
uses Ultra 1 as a print server to serve 30+ printer
spools. In another case, a sparc 5 was used as print
server and no major issues.

As far as redundancy goes, getting two system so that
the primary one has a secondary to fail over to. But
if you are stuck with one system, disk mirroring
should definitely be used to prevent against disk

Thanks all for helping, especially,

Kevin Metzger
Lars Hecking
Vincent Ribeaud
Tim Chipman

--- Zaigui Wang <> wrote:
> Managers,
> In an effort to consolidte and centralize our
> printing
> spool management on Sun servers, I am planning to
> set
> up a printer spool server (with HP jetdirect spool
> installer program) and need some suggestion as to
> what
> kind of sun hardware is suitable for this.
> The print server will support around 160 printing
> spools, which include printers from a variety of
> locations (U.S., China, Korea, U.K, etc.) We have
> about 40 UNIX servers, most of them have separate
> printing spool setup.
> I am looking at the SunFire 280R with the minimum
> configuration (1GB mem, 36GB F-CAL drive, 1x900MHz).
> I
> don't think a print server needs a whole lot of CPU
> power. What do you guys suggest? If you have other
> ideas regarding what is the best way of doing this
> (redundancy, fault tolerance setup), please also let
> me know.
> Thanks.
> Zaigui  
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