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From: Richard Williams <>
Date: Wed Apr 02 2003 - 08:57:03 EST
Thanks to all that replied.

I will go with the example below. Thanks Allan.

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Hi Richard,

Make a user id and then give it the same uid and gid as root by manually
editing the /etc/passwd file.

For example if you edit /etc/passwd and the root entry is as follows:

root:x:0:1:The Super User:/home/root:/usr/bin/ksh

and your user account line is as follows:

rrabbit:x:1001:10:Roger Rabbit:/home/rrabbit:/bin/ksh

Then, you would edit your user account line to be:

rrabbit:x:0:1:Roger Rabbit:/home/rrabbit:/bin/ksh

Hope that helps.  BTW I wouldn't disable the root user personally.


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Hi Managers,

I am using a Solaris 8 environment and wish to use an alternate account with
all root privileges. How do I disable root and create a back up account to
work with.

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