SUMMARY: Dialin PPP server setup

From: Glenn Burkhardt <>
Date: Mon Mar 31 2003 - 11:30:16 EST
I've tried a few more configuration file variations, but have given up on 
'asppp' on the Solaris 8 system I have in the field.  This is an older build:
Solaris 8 10/00 s28s_u2wos_11b SPARC.

The asppp program continues to exit with "tcsetattr failed Error 5: I/O error"
after the login program starts /usr/sbin/aspppls

However, I have been able to get the ANU ppp software to work.  After a minor
problem with the build/install, it was trivial to configure and get running 
for a dial in server.

The most recent official release 2.4.1 isn't set up to build with gcc, which 
I use.  On the recommendation of James Carlson, I used the current CVS 
version.  The other complication is having a version of gcc that can build 64 
bit modules.  These packages from work:


I've installed 'binutils' to get the current version of the assembler.  I 
haven't tried using the Sun assembler; I've had it disabled for years now 
because of some other problem with gcc.

If the 'ld' linker in GNU's binutils is used, the makefile 
solaris/Makefile.sol2gcc-64 needs to be changed so "-m elf64_sparc"
is passed to the GNU linker.

I also received these helpful references:

> Michael H. Auria:
>  Haven't done it myself but check out .

James Carlson noted that sections related to Sun PPP 4.0 (based on ANU ppp) 
were incorrect - a request for change has been made to the authors.

There is also

and document 18363, "How to set up dynamic client and server ppp" on SunSolve.
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