SUMMARY : Installing a SunSwift Card on a Solaris 8 machine

From: John Kelly <>
Date: Mon Mar 31 2003 - 10:37:20 EST

Thanks to the following who replied to my query on the above:

Casper Dik
Pascal Grostabussiat
Fergus Donohue
Oberg Mats
Paul Wilkinson
Dario Principe

The consensus seemed to be that all I need to do is rename hostname.le0
to hostname.hme0. I did this and it's worked out fine. Special thanks to
Fergus and Paul who gave me the following options if I sometimes need to
use le0 :

(i) Leave a live ethernet cable in le0  OR disable the check - it's
boot-prompt variable called tpe-link-test (Fergus)
(ii) Issue `ifconfig le0 down` to turn off the error condition (Paul)

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