SUMMARY:Sparc 20 issues

From: Procter, Paul Mr (EDS) <>
Date: Mon Mar 31 2003 - 09:40:49 EST
Many thanks to the following for their contributions.

Casper Dik, Michael Auria, Steve Maher, Charles Homan, Marc Sheldon, Steven
Hogarth, Pablo Jejcic, Matthew Darcy,
Pascal Grostabussiat, Peter Stokes, Roman Pestka, Adam Kirby, Ian Pease.

It would appear that the Sun website has a slightly different solution to
the one that Casper supplied - but, Casper, that's the one that worked -

The solution appeared to be:


echo '#path_to_inst_bootstrap1' > /etc/path_to_inst

reboot -- -r

For your infomation:
Sun list it as "echo '#path_to_inst_bootstrap_1' > /etc/path_to_inst" 
(Note the extra underscore between bootstrap and 1)

Again many thanks as you all were telling me roughly the same things.

Paul Procter
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