SUMMARY: File Access Question

From: Kynaston Roger <>
Date: Mon Mar 31 2003 - 09:34:15 EST
Fellow Managers
Sorry for the late summary but it has taken till today to finally nail the

Thanks to:
Gianluca Atzeni
Jay Lessert
Ann Kurokawa
Michael Morton
Alan Pae
Pradeep Ambekar

The final way I identified the problem was to run a du -a on the file system
before and while the problem was actually occuring.  I then ran a diff on
the two files which showed me who was trying to write to the file system at
that moment.  It turned out to be a symptom of a wider legacy Mail package
on that machine.  We have tidied up various mail boxes etc and the problem
has now gone away.  That is not to say that some others to do with sloppy
file system maintenance havn't come out of thw woodwork. :-).

Many of you suggested using fuser in various guises.  I did get some useful
information from this but feel that such a program would be much more useful
if it could report the user creating the process as in my case the process
would die before I could investigate it.


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