SUMMARY: How to make a RAM disk on solaris 8

From: Ole Martin Refvik <>
Date: Mon Mar 31 2003 - 02:18:45 EST
This is what i asked:

Is there anyone who could tell me how to make a ram disk in Solaris 8?

I have a Sun Sparc Box running Solaris 8, and I want to use some of
it's memory to mount a new file-system

Thanks in advance,

The solution:

As many mentioned i could use tmpfs, lik this:

mkdir /ramdisk
mount -F tmpfs -o size=500m swap /ramdisk

However this is not a true ramdisk (it really uses VM, not RAM, and the size
is an upper limit, not a reservation) This is what Solaris provides.

Look also at: man tmpfs, man mount_tmpfs

I also got the understanding that you could write your own driver
to make a ramdisk. If anyone has further information regardings this
i would be gratefull for any information.

Thanks to:
Mika Tuupola
Jay Lessert
Marty Leisner
Darren Dunham
Christopher Dupre
Bertrand Hutin
Greg Gallagher
Sirensa, Navi

Ole Martin Refvik
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