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Date: Fri Mar 28 2003 - 16:08:41 EST
Many thanks to:

Christophe Dupre
Tim Chipman
Brian Dunbar
Peebles, Robert
Graeme Elsworthy
Ahau K'in

Different suggestions included

1. LaTeX (and then pdf, ps or html).

2. "myDMS" ->
Tim explains it well
"It is web-based interface for clients/admin, with apache-php-MySQL
back-end. Files reside on the filesystem with (arbitrary, sequentially
generated by MyDMS) filenames, and all config / access / setting data
resides inside MySQL. (The assumption  is that the MyDMS server is a
"blackbox" accessed only via the web interface)."

3. According to Brian,
"We _thought_ about trying for tools and what not ... in the end expedience
won out, and we decided we'd be better off using Word (for
equipment/application docs) and Excel (for maint. logs and other tabular
data) rather than futz around with databases and scripts.  Everything is
sorted into directories based on appliation, tech system docs, etc.  Works
for us.

The key is to use the system, and keep things updated, which we do. "


5. docbook for documentation and cocoon for publishing.

My original post:
Dear Managers,

Please excuse the off-topic post, but your suggestions are almost always

We need to get some sort of "documentation system" going and i am not sure
about the different tools available out there. Right now all documentation
is primarily a few ascii files and mostly absent.

It would be nice, if we can have a top-level and have sections below that,
and have a different person edit each section(maybe they will be different

For eg.


1. hardware
  1a. Sun
  1b. PC
  1c. Mac

2. software
  2a. Open Source
   2a1. Unix
   2a2. Windows

  2b. Propreitory

3. security
4. help-desk
5. misc

It would be nice to be able to have a different doc for say 1a. 1b. 1c to
work around editing by multiple users(or use rcs etc)

It would finally be nice to "group" all this toghether and then be able to
search through the content, display using web-browser etc

Any ideas ? Thoughts ? Pitfalls ? etc...

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