SUMMARY: Something filling up root filesystem

From: Jeff Wellens <>
Date: Fri Mar 28 2003 - 11:08:06 EST
Well the problem is fixed.  I started stopping all of my databases so I
could 'unmount' some filesystems to see if
there was files 'hidden' under some of my mount points.  This was a
suggestion given to me be a couple people
which was a VERY good suggestion.   But after my databases were stopped, my
root filesystem was back
to only 15% full.     I am not exactly sure what happened but I guess it is
fixed now.

Thanks to everyone that helped me!!


Hello all.

Something is filling up my root filesystem as it is 100% full.  I have
searched and search for what is causing this and
can't seem to fine it.  I have gone into ever directory mounted on root and
ran a "du -sk ."  I have only accounted
for about 230meg.  And the filesystem is 480meg in size.   I have also check
for hidden files "ls -al"

Any ideas on how I can find out what is filling up my root filesystem.

Thank You.

Jeff Wellens
Technical Support Analyst
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