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Date: Fri Mar 28 2003 - 10:51:05 EST
I apologized for the late summary (been a hectic week).  Thanks to many
users on the list (too many to list), apparently you can setup RAID 0+1
and with the underlying disks being the same, RAID 1+0 is achieved.

Sun's own word on SVM (same goes for DiskSuite on Solaris 8)...

RAID 1 + 0 
Solaris Volume Manager intelligently provides RAID 1 + 0 capabilities when
the underlying devices are identical physical disks. If logical devices can
support internal redundancy, as in the case of network storage devices,
Solaris Volume Manager provides RAID 0 + 1.
Solaris Volume Manager cannot always provide RAID 1+0 functionality.
However, in a best practices environment, where both submirrors are
identical to each other and are made up of disk slices (and not soft
partitions), RAID 1+0 will be possible. 

Below are all the links that were forwarded:

- Mike

---------- original message ----------

Anyone has the instructions on setting up RAID1+0 (not 0+1) with
DiskSuite? I'm not seeing it in my ES-220 manual (this is the DiskSuite
Management course, or maybe I overlooked it?) which I don't think so,
I didn't fall asleep in class...

I've found the following at but no specific step-by-step.

- Mike
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