SUMMARY: JFS on solaris?

From: Christopher L. Barnard <>
Date: Thu Mar 27 2003 - 11:27:11 EST
I asked:

> I have heard that adding the option "logging" when mounting filesystems
> will enable a JFS and hence you will no longer need to fsck if the machine
> goes down hard.  i.e.,
> /dev/md/dsk/d0  /dev/md/rdsk/d0      /       ufs     1       no      logging
> A filesystem with "logging" enabled does have approximately 1k for every
> meg less, as is explained in the man page.  (the space is used by the log).
> When I phoned Sun to find out what the best way to verify that this is
> working properly, and to perhaps watch the log file, I was informed that
> this option can only be done in automounted filesystems...!?
> So my question is, is anyone using this for regular system mounts in the
> /etc/vfstab file?  Is Sun crazy, or am I?
> Thanks, and of course I will summarize.

The answer:

do it.

All but one response indicated that they use it and it works exactly as
advertised.  (The one different response indicated that he was not familiar
with this and was looking forward to my summary).

Comments on the Sun engineer in question ranged from questions about his
parentage, inquiries about what controlled substance is issued to the people
who answer the phone, comments on the general intelligence of the engineer,
and a guess that this person was new and did not know any better.  In
particular, several people pointed out that automounting something is NFS,
not UFS, so this logging option will work on everything *but* the

This can and should be done on all filesystems.  The / and /usr filesystems
will need a reboot to take effect, since they cannot be remounted on the

This option was introduced in Solaris 7.

This is basically the "logging" option that was available before with SDS.
It was just ported to the OS itself.

Viewing a "log" is not possible, but several people have said that if one
could it would not be very informative, and don't worry about looking at a
log because it just works.  period.  If one is curious if a particular
filesystem has logging enabled, just check the parameters of the fs with

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