SUMMARY: renaming a server without rebooting

From: Christopher L. Barnard <>
Date: Tue Mar 25 2003 - 10:53:09 EST
I asked:

> I am looking to rename a server without doing a reboot.  I only want to
> change the name, not the IP.  I would like to run this procedure by folks
> and see if anyone sees anything that I forgot.  This server does NOT run
> NIS and does not mount or export any filesystem.
> * edit DNS nameserver:
>   oldname A record changed to newname A record.
>   oldname added as CNAME to newname.
> * modify /etc/net/ticlts,
>          /etc/net/ticots,
>          /etc/net/ticotsord,
>          /etc/hostname.hme0,
>          /etc/nodename
>          /etc/hosts
> * run command "hostname" to actually change it.
> * check ntp.conf that may refer to the oldname.
> Thanks, and I will summarize.


An important caveat:  remember that any processes started before the rename
will keep the old name until they are terminated.
Also, remember /var/crash/hostname.  And, if necessary, also look at
/etc/printers.conf and /etc/mail/

As it turned out, a reboot window was opened shortly after I sent this,
so I did the above changes and then rebooted for good measure.

Thanks to:

Gaziz Nugmanov <>
"Walt Sullivan" <>
"Homan, Charles (NE)" <Charles.Homan@GDC4S.Com>

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