Summary: OT: Encapsulation of boot disk failed in Veritas Volume manager.

From: himanshukhona <>
Date: Tue Mar 25 2003 - 03:41:23 EST


Basically the problem was vxconfigd was not starting while boot up.

The solution was given by Juergen Waiblinger"&lt;;   &amp; few other people. But the solution quoted below is from juergen. 

Thanks everyone.



After installing VERITAS Volume Manager 3.2, vxconfigd fails to start 
because is not available.
Exact Error Message: vxconfigd: fatal: open failed: No such file or 


The following Solaris patches and package are required prior to the 
installation of VERITAS Volume Manager (VxVM) 3.2:

109529-06 (or greater)
111413-04 (or greater)

Solaris patch 111413-07 includes the library, which is placed 
in the /usr/lib directory. This library has a dependency on 

# ldd /usr/lib/ =&gt; /usr/lib/ =&gt; /usr/lib/ =&gt; /usr/lib/ =&gt; /usr/lib/ =&gt; /usr/lib/ =&gt; /usr/lib/

If the root disk is encapsulated and /usr is a separate partition from 
root, /usr/lib/ will not be available during boot. As a 
result, vxconfigd will fail to start, and the system will not boot up 
properly. The workaround is to copy /usr/lib/ to /etc/vx/slib 
after installing VxVM and before rebooting the system:

# cp /usr/lib/ /etc/vx/slib

If you are running into this problem, follow these instructions:

1. Boot from the Solaris 8 cdrom:
ok boot cdrom -s

2. Mount the root file system:
# mount /dev/dsk/cXtYdZsW /a
where X, Y, Z, and W are the controller, target, disk and slice numbers for 
the root partition respectively.

3. Mount the usr file system:
# mount /dev/dsk/cXtYdZsV /mnt

4. Copy the library:
# cp /mnt/lib/ /a/etc/vx/slib

5. Unmount the root and usr file systems:
# umount /a
# umount /mnt

6. Reboot the system:
# reboot

The problem has been addressed in VxVM 3.2 patch 02 and is documented in 
VERITAS Incident 89089.

Supplemental Material:

System: Ref.# Description
iTools: 89089 Additional libs need to be added to SO_LIBS in vxvm-startup2

TechNote Summary:
TechNote Title: After installing VERITAS Volume Manager 3.2, vxconfigd 
fails to start because is not available.
TechNote ID: 246146
Last Updated: January 28 2003 02:14 AM GMT
Document Expires:
This information in this TechNote applies to:
Volume Manager for UNIX 3.2, 3.2 Patch 01, 3.2 Patch 02 (Fixed)
Subject: Application - Configuration
Application - Installation
Languages: English
Operating Systems:
Solaris 8

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