SUMMARY: PROM Update for Netra 1125

From: Fasel Lars <>
Date: Mon Mar 24 2003 - 14:18:49 EST
Hi all,

Stoyan Angelov helped me with this annoying issue. I implemented the PROM on
three systems upto now and all work fine. I can manage them including the LOM
Device in Sun Management Center, now. Thanks Stoyan.

Lars Fasel

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Betreff: Re: PROM Update for Netra 1125


i also support a couple of netra t1125's and upgrading with the Ultra 60 PROM
works for me (both of our machines have this jumper). the jumper J2703 is
under the power supply so last time in order to upgrade i had to remove the
power supply first to switch the jumper to the right position. here is the sun
flash prom guide that has the details and the exact position of the jumper:
i have used the Ultra 60 PROM to upgrade my machines and everything works
fine. however there is no clear document in that states that
Ultra 60 PROM's can be used with Netra t 1125 or at least i can't find it. the
PatchID that you can use is: 106455-11

hope this helps

Stoyan Angelov

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Subject: PROM Update for Netra 1125

> Hi all,
> We are running several Netra 1125. I need to update their  PROMs to be
> able to fully manage them with Sun Management Center.
> As far as I know, theses boxes are identical to the Ultra 60 and
> because I didn't find a PROM Update specific for 1125, I tried to
> install the U60 PROM on a no longer used spare machine.
> It stopped with the message to check the Jumper Setting of J2703. This
> jumper isn't available on the 1125 board, the space where it resides
> in an U60 is empty.
> Does anybody know the sunSolve Patch-ID for the 1125 PROM Update?
> Thanks in advance..
> Regards,
> Lars
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