Summary: Mac to the serial of a suun

From: <>
Date: Sun Mar 23 2003 - 00:38:17 EST
Sorry this took along time to for me to do a summary but I wanted to make sure 
before I sent out an email saying it could be done.  Anyhow just got my shinny 
new powerbook and in deed it does work.   You will need to do the following:

First go pick up a keyspan ( p/n USA-19) or targus (p/n ?) usb to serial 
adapter ($25-70).  I'm assuming any generic usb to serial adapter will work but 
those are the two I was able to try.

Next dig up Zterm ( and install that.

Now connect to a sun box on your up and going.  So far this has been tried on 
v100, v880, and v450.

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