SUMMARY (of sorts): SAN cabling software/spreadsheet

From: Swider, Bucky <>
Date: Fri Mar 21 2003 - 09:09:39 EST
Hi all, 

I received a few responses to this....but none that seemed to meet my needs.
Also, many, many more responded saying that this is something that would be
really cool to have.  Unfortunately, I can't find one at this time.  Any
spreadsheet gurus out there looking for a shareware item to develop, here's
one for ya!  Thanks for all the responses.

Bucky Swider
Concord EFS
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> Subject:	SAN cabling software/spreadsheet
> Hi gurus,
> I'm setting up a fairly large SAN, which will consist of all new cabling.
> I'm looking for software or a spreadsheet to manage my cabling- a cabling
> 'run' from SANswitch to server may consist of up to 5 different cables,
> with patch panels in between.  I'm looking for something a bit more
> intelligent than a text document- something along the lines that if an
> intermediary patch gets changed, the endpoints will follow- to try to make
> it idiot-proof, so one change doesn't require 17 spreadheet updates.
> There's plenty of commercial packages out there, but the all seem too
> complicated, and in addition don't seem to provide the simple end-to-end
> view I'm looking for.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.
> Bucky Swider
> Concord EFS
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