SUMMARY: D1000 to WinNT host adapter

From: Brett Lanham <>
Date: Tue Mar 18 2003 - 14:16:09 EST
I never got much response on this issue, but I did get the problem resolved.

We got the NT box hooked up to the D1000 with an Adaptec AHA-2944UW scsi
card.  There was little to no setup at all.  The four drives on the side I
hooked up to the NT box appeared in windows exactly as they did while hooked
up to the sun box.  Of course I had to initialize the drives in Disk Admin
and create partitions and format them, but other than that everything worked


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> Subject: D1000 to WinNT host adapter
> I've recently decided to connect half of the drives in my 
> D1000 to an NT box
> but I've only got an Adaptec 2930U SCSI adapter in the NT box 
> which I'm
> pretty sure won't work with the D1000 (it's single ended, not 
> differential.
> See this site for brief explanation of difference
>  I've been
> researching what adapter will work and the only two I have 
> come up with is
> the one from sun (model X6541A) and an Adaptec 2944UW.  First 
> off I know the
> Sun card will work with the D1000 but I'm not sure there 
> would be drivers
> for the NT box, and besides that little issue it's way too 
> pricey ($800+
> new, $600+ used).  What I'm really more concerned with is 
> whether anyone has
> used the 2944UW with a D1000, and if so were there any 
> issues?  And also
> what other options do I have concerning a D1000 host adapter 
> that will work
> in NT?  Thanks for your help.  
> Brett
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