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Date: Mon Mar 17 2003 - 12:15:42 EST
THANK you VERY much DEAR sunmanagers !! You are a big help.

Being a "convert" Solaris system admin, I am always overwhelmed with prompt
responses that I get for even very basic Solaris questions.

All of the following of you replied and pointed out that " Make is not
installed in the end-user Solaris cluster. A minimum of developers-cluster
should be chosen to have make installed.

Other options are: to install GNU gmake or to install the Solaris make package
SUNWsprot and SUNWxcu4t.

Many thanks to:

Alan Pae, Angel Alejandro Vega Soto, Casper Dik, Charles Gagnon, Chris
Pinnock, Darren Dunham, Dennis, David M.Don Schultz,  Greene, Marco, Homan,
Charles (NE), Ido Dubrawsky, John T. Douglass, Luc I. Suryo, Ozgur C. Demir,
Steve Maher,Zaigui Wang,,,

Original Post :

>I have installed Solaris 9 - End User Cluster - on a Ultra 1 Sparc machine.
>Now, I am trying to compile SSH and it is complaining about the MAKE not
>there. I have actually looked at the contents of the /us/ccs/bin and it does
>not have make in there. Could some body tell me if it is not included in the
>end user cluster and secondly how can I install it now.
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