SUMMARY: 240 Subnet /etc/netmasks problem

From: John Marrett <>
Date: Mon Mar 17 2003 - 10:39:40 EST
Thanks to Matt Harris and Marco Greene for their quick responses.

Matt had the solution:

/etc/netmasks will fix you up for startup if the system's ip is on that
subnet.  Otherwise, you need `route add -net <gateway> netmask`

It only needed slight modification:

route add -net -netmask

Thanks to everyone for their help,


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Subject: 240 Subnet /etc/netmasks problem

First let me say that I checked the faqs, google, sunsolve, etc... It's
possible I missed something but I did look.

I need to configure a route on a system to reach a subnetted (netmask network. I have tried a number of different settings in the
/etc/netmasks file but when I add the route for the network I invariably end
up creating a route to the class C and not the subnet.

These are a few attempted /etc/netmasks files.

First I tried the following format (based on past experience):

Then I tried the following as suggested on sunsolve:

This is the command I am using to add the route.
ptimbwm1# route add -net
add net gateway

And this is what the route invariably looks like:
ptimbwm1# netstat -rn
[...]            UG        1      0  

Does anyone know what setting I should use in the /etc/netmasks file to have
the route for the subnet exclusively? I should add that I have changed the
IPs and they are in fact real Internet IPs, not private network IPs as shown

Thanks in advance for your help,

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