SUMMARY: Sun Cluster 3.0 - ypserv and sendmail server

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We want to use our Sun cluster to offer a high-available mail service (sendmail)
and to run ypserv on both cluster nodes (one node as NIS master, the second as NIS
slave server).

But I found in "Cluster 3.0 5/02 Release Notes" (Part No. 816-3378-10)
page 14/15, Restrictions, Service and Applicatoin Restrictions:
- "Do not use cluster nodes as mail servers because the Sun Cluster environment does
    not support the sendmail(1M) subsystem. Mail directories must reside on non-Sun
    Cluster nodes"
- "Do not configure cluster nodes as NIS or NIS+ servers. However, cluster nodes can be
    NIS or NIS+ clients."

That's all about the restrictions concerning NIS and sendmail. Not more information.
My question is: WHY? Does anybody have some info or can share some experiences?
Is the cluster environment dependent on NIS or sendmail? The cluster nodes aren't
NIS clients in our configuration, ypbind is not running.

I'd be grateful for your information!

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