SUMMARY: Belkin KVMs and Sun Rays (final?)

From: <>
Date: Sat Mar 15 2003 - 16:02:48 EST
Through the generousity of someone unnamed (to protect the innocent?), I
was put in touch with someone at Belkin who was able to answer ALL my
questions/concerns. Please note - I never had any issues with Belkin, as
that's all I use for KVMs. I was pretty sure going in that it was
something that I was doing.

Basically, if you want to use a Belkin KVM with a Sun Ray, you must:

* You must NOT use the Sun keyboard mouse with a Belkin KVM, at ALL. They
just won't work. I can confirm that...

* You must NOT use the Belkin USB-only KVM, with the Sun
Ray. Unpredicatable things will happen, even when using a non-Sun USB
keyboard. I can confirm that...

* You MUST use one of the combo PS/2-USB keyboard KVMs, this is the only
supported Belkin solution. I can confirm that... :)

* If at any time you wish to control only USB computers (all the PS/2
computesr are powered off), and all of the PS/2 computesr are powered off,
you must by the optional external power supply. Otherwise there's not
enough power to reliably run the switch.

That seems to be the official answer, and I can confirm that the combo
PS/2-USB switch works great with a Sun Ray. Thanks to everyone here who
sent comments/notes, and thanks to Belkin's excellent email customer

Steve B.
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