SUMMARY: How to add additional packages to the server?

From: alex avriette <>
Date: Thu Mar 13 2003 - 22:15:36 EST
First off, Dave Foster, James Zhao, Alan Pae, Daniel Teklu, Chris 
Sheldon, Jem Richards, and Chris Pinnock responded.

There were basically two trains of thinking:

First off, people suggested using a finish script. That really wasn't 
the solution I was looking for.

Second, people pointed out the .packagetoc and .clustertoc files, and 
said that there was some dark magic involved because a few people had 
actually worked on this, to no avail. I myself tried, and it didn't 
work. Jem pointed out as well that Sun says "it can't be done" and that 
it isn't supported. Well, this particular Unix person thinks that sucks.

Jem was actually extremely helpful, and I've enclosed his message here 
inline, following my original question.

Thanks Folks.

Alex Avriette

> Ive got 1of2 and 2of2 on my Jumpstart server, by using 
> setup_install_server and add_to_install_server respectively. However, 
> I've got some packages (gcc, flex, bison, gmake, etc) that I'd like to 
> install from the Sun Companion cd as well. I found their package 
> directories, and added them to the Product directory on the jumpstart 
> server, and specified them for addition with the profile. However, it 
> complained that these packages were not found during install (and 
> ignored them rather than pausing).
> I suspect that there is an index I need to update. I believe this 
> because it says it is taking an inventory of the available packages 
> during the install process.

---> Jem's answer:

> Alex,
> I wanted to do that same sort of thing for my own packages. I was using
> a finish script to add packages but wanted to try and simplify it.
> Unfortunately, Sun said it couldn't be done and wasn't supported. I
> wasn't able to find out a way around it so I am still using finish
> scripts with the following kind of entry
> For datastream format packages:
> pkgadd -a ${FILES}/noask -R $BASE -d ${PKGS}/APPLossh.pkg APPLossh
> For standard (directory) package format:
> pkgadd -a ${FILES}/noask -R $BASE -d ${PKGS} APPLossh
> My "noask" file contains
> mail=
> instance=unique
> partial=nocheck
> runlevel=nocheck
> idepend=nocheck
> rdepend=nocheck
> space=nocheck
> setuid=nocheck
> conflict=nocheck
> action=nocheck
> basedir=default
> Hope that helps you.
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