SUMMARY Amanda problem

From: Niall O Broin <>
Date: Wed Mar 12 2003 - 07:55:55 EST
The cigar goes to who wisely asked 

What are the permissions on the raw devices, i.e.
/devices/pci@1f,0/pci@1,1/ide@3/dad@0,0:[ag],raw?  The permissions you have
listed are for the dsk devices, not the rdsk devices.

I stupidly forgot that dump uses the raw device, and I just followed the 
symlinks from the disk devices. 0,0:a,raw had group read permissions for sys 
but for some reason 0,0:g,raw had not.

Thanks to John, and to anyone else whose reply is on its way to me. I've been 
away from managers for a while, and I'm delighted to see that it's as good as 

Kindest regards,

Niall  O Broin
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