SUMMARY: Belkin USB KVM with Sun Ray USB Keyboards

From: <>
Date: Tue Mar 11 2003 - 22:06:47 EST
I got only one response, and that person was also looing for more info. So
I guess I have to gather all this info the hard way.

I received a Dell USB keyboard, and attached it to the Belkin KVM, with a
Dell GX-1 and Sun Ray behind the KVM. I noticed that the keyboard works
good on the Sun Ray or Dell, but with the following issues:

* the num lock, caps lock and scroll lock lights are out of sync with the
key-presses. If you press the num lock, the scroll lock light toggles, if
you press the caps lock the num lock light toggles, etc.

* the keyboard has a habit of loosing keys when typing, and has had
repeated occurances of locking a key, so that it self repeat-types.

* if you use the Belkin key sequence to shift between ports (scroll-lock
+ scroll-lock + 1-or-2), it'll work once or twice, then completely freak
out the keyboard or KVM, and the KVM will repeat-beep until you power down
both ports, and start over again.

The variables I'm working with are:

* the quality of the keyboard. This keyboard does NOT feel like
high-quality. I suspect that it's not a 'great' keyboard, and probably one
of Dell's 'economy quality' keyboards.

* the quality of the cables. They are all Belkin, but not their 'Pro'

* I'm not currently using the optional KVM power supply, I'm letting the
USB ports power the KVM. When the KVM freaks out, and the unit had to be
cycled, the power supply would have to be removed to 'reboot' the KVM and
get it working again. As that was one more plug I had to remove
frequently, and wasn't 'technically' needed to get the KVM to work, I
stopped using it.

I'm really disappointed in the entire USB KVM experience. But if I'm going
to start sharing Macs, PCs, and Suns, all on the same KVM, and do it
economically, I just don't see how to get around these limitations without
just throwing hardware at the situation until I find the best combinatino
of KVM and USB devices.

So I guess the answer to my original question (can you use a Belkin USB
KVM with a Sun Ray?) is 'Yes' - IF you toss lots of time and hardware at
the solution. I got this woring, but it is nowhere near as 'bullet-proof'
as I expected it...

If anyone has any other hard-earned data to share, let me know. But I
guess I'll just keep throwing USB stuff at this situation, until the best
'combination' is found. Then I can summarize again.


Steve B.
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