SUMMARY Optical Mousemats

From: Darren Beale <>
Date: Tue Mar 11 2003 - 02:31:31 EST
Regarding my request for info on suppliers of mousemats suitable
for sun optical mice.

I was warned by a number of you that there are 2 types of
optical mice and that the mats are not interchangable between then.

Mike Mann, Martin Hepworth & Simon Phillips all recommended they seem to Do All Things Sun

Don Schultz pointed me in the direction of who seem reasonably priced

Roman Pestka sent me to which also looks good.

A few of you suggested that it is possible to make one
yourself although I'm not feeling too creative.

In the end I received a very generous offer from a list member for 1 or
2 free second hand ones which I just could not turn down.

Thanks very much once again for all of your responses.

Darren Beale - Acksys Ltd
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