SUMMARY: /dev/random patch for solaris 8

From: Broun, Bevan <>
Date: Mon Mar 10 2003 - 19:26:27 EST
Sorry about this.

Many people have replied. Thanks but I sorted this out just after I sent
the original message. I then sent another message ("dont worry, got it
fixed") but this got halted by the list software and "needing moderator's
approval". (I think I needed a "SUMMARY:" subject not a "RE:")

Anyway, the patch wasnt installed by me. Somebody else had ftped it,
unzipped and applied it (it all went smooth). I had removed it with patchrm
and add it again with patchadd. It all looked good but didnt work. Once I
unzipped it as root it worked properly. Looks like the postpatch scripts
had the wrong permissions as a result of being unzipped by non-root user
and failed silently.

thanks all and sorry for taking your time.

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