PARTIAL SUMMARY: Chat script for null-modem PPP?

From: Homan, Charles (NE) <Charles.Homan_at_GDC4S.Com>
Date: Mon Mar 10 2003 - 14:55:14 EST
OK, I think the chat piece is good to go now, but I don't have a good
connection yet.  Thanks to Lars Hecking and Darren Dunham for their
responses.  Lars suggested the following:

>  Only ever used ppp for dialing in over a phone line, but you probably get
>  by with

> TIMEOUT (some number)
> 'ogin:' (user id)
> 'word:' (passwd)
> 'prompt' ppp
>  where prompt is replaced with the actual prompt you get. Above is what is
>  left over after taking out abort and modem commands from my laptop dialin
>  chat script.

I have done this, and it seems to work as far as logging in goes.  However,
I get gobbledegook (stuff that looks like line noise) when the connection is
made, and it then times out.  (I connect by running pppd at the prompt.)

Also, when I use tip to connect from the "client" machine, I can log in as a
normal user and it acts like tip should.  When I log in as ppp_user, though,
I get the same gobbledegook as when I run pppd, and then get dropped back to
a login: prompt.

I used admintool to configure the serial ports.  I'm using a 19200 baud
connection with software flow control, with "Service enable" turned on on
the server and off on the client.  I didn't change much else.

Any ideas what could be wrong?


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> Subject: Chat script for null-modem PPP?
> All:
> I am currently struggling with getting two machines (Sunblade 
> 100s running
> Solaris 8) to talk to each other via pppd over a null-modem serial
> connection.  I am unclear what my chat script should look 
> like.  Do I just
> want them to look for "ogin:" and "word:" and issue the 
> proper responses, or
> is there more to it?  (Actually, if there isn't more to it, 
> I'm not sure
> what I'm doing wrong.)  Any help would be most appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Charles
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