SUMMARY: E450 - Finding Failed HD.

From: F.M. Taylor <>
Date: Mon Mar 10 2003 - 17:32:49 EST
Thanks to all who replied, you know who you are...

I got three basic responses:

#1 use iostat -En to get the drive serial # and find the matching Serial#
on the drive.  This worked just fine for me.

#2 use dd to either read data from or write data to the drive and watch
for the blinkin' & flashin'.  This also worked for me.

#3 use format -> [drive] -> analyze -> read -> yes to geneerate the
blinkin' & flashin'.  This worked really well, practically turned the LED
off with all the activity.

A number of people also sent me drive to slot mappings, which might have
worked had sun assembled the box ;)

And for those who are wondering, out of idle curiosity, it was drive 14.

On Mon, 10 Mar 2003, F.M. Taylor wrote:

> I have aan e450 with 18 drives installed.  One of the drives haas
> failed.  The system knows the HD by two names sd(62) and c4t2d0.
> I have no idea which drive out of the 18 this one is.  Is there some
> utility that will flash the activity light on the drive, or turn it off
> or something so I can figure out which drive this is??
> I should probably know how to identify which drive it is, but don't.

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