SUMMARY: problem installing mailman on solaris 8

From: Gerard Henry <>
Date: Mon Mar 10 2003 - 04:13:30 EST
thanks to all for your help:

python 2.2.2 package from sunfreeware is broken for me! i had to 
recompile it from source
i did two modifs i don't see anywhere in README:
- in Modules/Setup, line 272, uncomment: _socket socketmodule.c (without 
SSL support)
- the second, i found it in google, is about, line 370, i replace:
runtime_library_dirs = rtlibs
runtime_library_dirs = ssl_libs
but i don't know if it is important.
I compile it with gcc-2.95.3 from sunfreeware

i compile it without ssl because my apache don't use ssl

mailman is installed on my mail server (MTA) and directory is nfs 
mounted on my web server.
Everything works fine

Gerard HENRY
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