SUMMARY: vi problem[1]

From: <>
Date: Mon Mar 10 2003 - 01:05:32 EST
Many thanks to all of people who give me very kindly help.
Most of them suggest me to set TERM to vt100 for Windows 
or xterm for Linux. Surly the setting of TERM is correct
for my emulator, and there are vt100 and xterm entries 
in the /usr/share/lib/termcap and /usr/share/lib/terminfo/.
Even I have tried to copy /usr/share/terminfo/xterm from
Linux to /usr/share/lib/terminfo/xterm in Solaris. 
The behaviour of curser keys is normal except for vi in the 
insert mode. e.g. -> key will add a new line with "D".  

Any idea?

Best regards,


Subject: vi problem 

wen> Hello Gurus,
wen> I telnet to Solaris8(SPARC) from PC(Linux/Windows) and use
wen> vi editor. In insert mode cursor key will give me unexpected
wen> result. I think the reason is the keyboard of PC is different
wen> from SUN's one. Is there any way to correct or avoid it?
wen> Thanks in advance.
wen> Best regards,
wen> --Wen
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