SUMMARY: ufsdump/ufsrestore of large filesystem

From: Dave Warchol <>
Date: Sun Mar 09 2003 - 14:30:07 EST
First, thanks to everyone who responded, I had a couple of responses
within minutes (great, late on a Friday afternoon):
David Foster
Doug Otto
Daren Dunham
Jay Lessert
Marc Cain
sun_consultant, and,
Rich Kulawiec

When doing it in two steps and restoring using the 'xf' option, type 1
and hit enter.  According to Rich, "This is what ufsrestore does after
it has
read the "catalog" which is at the beginning of the ufsdump image and
now wants to actually read the data."

Most said I'd be better off ufsrestore-ing using 'rf' option. This is
what I used.

Relative to the first issue, From Rich K:

"Ah.  I *suspect* that what has happened is that ufsdump has hit its
internal notion of just how big an output file it can create before
the "tape" that it's not writing to is full.  Try this:

ufsdump 0sdbf 13000 54000 126 - /original-filesystem | (cd /1/matched,
ufsrestore, etc.)

That set of arguments to ufsdump specifies a rather large "tape"; it
be large enough to fit your entire ~5 G filesystem without a problem, 
in turn should cause ufsdump to NOT generate a request to change tape
which in turn should cause ufsrestore to NOT be so confused."

====Original Post=====
        SunBlade 1000, two internal drives, system on 18G, trying to
migrate slices (and resize) to 36G drive.  I have a large root
filesystem, roughly 5.5G.  I've set up the slices on the drive and
migrated the smaller filesystem without problem using:

ufsdump 0f - /dev/rdsk/c#t#d#s# | (cd /1/<matched
filesystem>;ufsrestore xf -), where the new slice is mounted under the
appropriate /1 (/ is under /1, /var is under /1/var, etc.).

Trying to do it on the large filesystem I get   

DUMP: 96.79% done, finished in 0:01
changing volumes on pipe input
abort? [yn] y
dump core? [yn] n
  DUMP: 10579134 blocks (5165.59MB) on 1 volume at 1130 KB/sec

When I try to do it in two steps, ufsdump-ing it to a file using
ufsdump -0f <dumpfilename> /dev/rdsk/c#t#d#s#              - this part
works fine
and then restoring it
cd /1
ufsrestore xf <dumpfilename>

the restore runs for a little while and then I get the following:

You have not read any volumes yet.
Unless you know which volume your file(s) are on you should start
with the last volume and work towards the first.
Specify next volume #: 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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