Summary: Solaris Partitions for an Oracle Database server

From: Donald Bricker <>
Date: Thu Mar 06 2003 - 17:08:12 EST
Thanks to all who responded:
Tim Chipman
 Roger Kynaston
Brett Lanham
Kevin Buterbaugh
Peter Ondruska
Martin hepworth
Jesus Olea
jim musso
Darren Dunham
Michael Lance
Kris Wagner 

Lots of suggestions to use Raid of some type. Avoid RAID 5(on high
transaction databases for performance reasons) was recomended. Also,
seperating redo, archiving, executables and database files on separate
drives and controllers if possible.

What I really wanted to know if there was any advantage in putting more
than one partition on a disk. The consensus was no. The one advantage
that was cited was if we were using ufsdump to do backups.  We use RMAN
for our backups. One of the disadvantages that I was concerned with and 
a lot of people pointed out was it adds a lot of confusion for the DBA
when trying to figure out which slice is on which disk. The other
disadvantage is that you may run into space restrictions if you
partition the disk when it is really not needed.

So, I will be putting one slice per drive.

Tahnks again
Don Bricker

I am getting ready to build some new database servers. It will be
> 8.1.7 on Solaris 8.
> I was wondering if I could get some feedback on advantages and
> disadvantages of the following two scenarios. One is to put one slice
> each drive:
> Disk 1: /u01
> Disk2: /u02
> Disk3: /u03
> the other is to put multiple slices on each drive:
> Disk 1: /u01
>               /u02
>               /u03
> Disk 2: /u04
>               /u05
>               /u06
> Disk 3: /u07
>               /u08
>               /u09
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