SUMMARY: making a backup from the root-disk

From: Schaper, Soeren <>
Date: Thu Mar 06 2003 - 08:33:42 EST
	Hi all,

 thanks to all who replied. The first replay came 3 minutes after I posted
my question. Some things I did not express very well in my post. I already
hav a mirror of the root disk. I need a static copy in case someone ( or
some process ) does something very nasty to the data of my root ( as
happened ). Some data was corrupted and the mirror happily mirrored the data
corruption. So the only choice was either repair the data manually or
install a new system. If there had been an up to date copy of the root disk
one could have just swapped the disk.
 Second I have to run the copy on a live system, no chance to take it down.

The main consens was to build up a mirror, break it and copy the mirror disk
via dd or ufsdump which is likely what I will do.

Rick McKinney and Yura Pismerov pointed me to the following article
Andrew Rotramel send me a script to clone disks.
Pazl Clayton suggested an offline mirror with disk suite.
Joe Fletcher who send a description on how to do it manually.
 Anyone needing more specific info, feel free to contact me.

Thanks to all who replied ( to much to list )


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> Betreff:	making a backup from the root-disk
>  	Hi all,
>  does anyone knows a tool that allows to make a backup of the root disk (
> V880, Solaris8 ) ? The idea behind this is if the root disk is going bad
> just to take the server down, plugin the backup disk an restart the
> server.
> 	Soeren
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