SUMMARY: lsof substitution in Solaris 8

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Date: Wed Mar 05 2003 - 13:57:31 EST
Thanks to all responders!
2 responders pointed me to fuser (Matthew Moncaster and Marc Huehls)
1 responder mentioned where to download lsof.

Problem not solved:
lsof is not a native Solaris command and e.g. in a Sun cluster (3.0)
lsof cannot handle the cluster file system (mount option global).
Not a file name is shown (/global/nfs/...) but "unknown file system type" :-(

fuser doesn't show the files/directories/ports/... a specific process is using
by name (i.e. file name), and pfiles doesn't show file names.


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Subject: lsof substitution in Solaris 8

Hello Sun Managers,

I know lsof but I'm wondering if there is a similar functionality
available with native Solaris 8 (update 3, latest version) commands.
pfiles e.g. doesn't show file names.



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