SUMMARY: SunVTS:Unable to read pointer to memlist structure

From: Paul Galjan <>
Date: Wed Mar 05 2003 - 12:36:06 EST
My apologies for the late summary, and also for its lack of real content.
See original message below.

The 220R was fixed after Sun blindly replaced literally every component
except for the enclosure (memory, system board, power supplies, CPUs, both
disk drives).  In the end that system crapped on a 900GB filesystem to the
extent that fsck would recover it, but once you touched a particular
directory, the filesystem would go into an errored state.

Now the system is working fine.  Has been for a while now.  But VTS test
still craps out on the pmemtest.  kmemtest works fine, along with the other
tests in VTS.

Suggestions from the list included making sure that the SunVTS version was
compatible with my specific Solaris release level.  (i.e.  Sol8 2/02 won't
work with SunVTS 4.5).  My guess is that there is some kernel patch that has
(or hasn't) been applied that makes SunVTS 4.6 partially incompatible with
Sol 8 2/02.  But that's just a guess.

Thanks for the input.

Original message
I have a problem with an E220R, 2x360MHz, 1GB RAM.

We use this as a netbackup media server.  We also have about 2TB of IDE
RAID for local staging of files to be backed up. There are 2 900GB UFS
filesystems running with logging turned on.

Last weekend, the machine started crashing.  /var/adm/messages said that
the ufs log for the two big filesystems was changes to an "error"
state.  So we fscked them both; one came up fine, the other had sopme
errors but fsck allegedly cleared them up.  Remounted them, and the same
thing happened.

We suspected the IDE RAID, but we decided to run VTS just to be sure.
CPU turned out fine, but the kmemtest and pmemtest reports on the first
pass that "Unable to read pointer to memlist structure".

Any idea what's happening?  I googled this and came up with very little,
and Sun's answerbook was no help either.

Thanks in advance, and of course, I'll summarize....
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