Summary: Sun 12k CPU failures

From: Steve McNatton <>
Date: Wed Mar 05 2003 - 00:01:30 EST
Original Problem:
We had a Sun 12k delivered in August. It ran fine until late December
when we had a board replaced due to a CPU failure. Since then we have
replaced 3 of the 7 CPU boards in the gadget. Tonight, one of the CPUs 
one of the replace boards died. Anyone else out there with a 12k/15k 
to share their experiences in this regard? My bosses are starting to get
a antsy and are openly questioning the trustworthiness of the box.

Thanks to everyone who sent me answers and insight. I was shocked at 
the number of
folks on this list who have a 10k, 12k, or 15k.

The general consensus was

1. The UltraIII cpus may have a problem similar to those with the
early UltraII cpus.

2. Check the environmentals. SunVTS suite may have some clues.

Sun support wanted us to apply the following patches:

We did. The "dead" or "problem" CPU magically came back to life. We'll
see if things hold together. Perhaps the 3 replaced boards didn't need
to be replaced at all.

We are looking into the environmentals too.

The thing we're learning with this machine is how incredibly patch 
this machine seems to be. This is going to be a long term issue in a
production environment as management is a little reluctant to buy 
12k for us to test these patches. Go figure!
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