SUMMARY: Automount Busted

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Date: Tue Mar 04 2003 - 12:52:03 EST
The problem turned out to be a firewall issue. After I boot, I just need to
wait 3 minutes, and then I get all my direct and indirect mounts. The
original posts follow.

Andrew Rotramel

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Andrew Rotramel
02/21/2003 09:59 AM


Subject:  Update - Automount Busted

I went ahead and booted the system many more times. About 1/3 of the time
it booted with all the automounts mounted. So the problem is intermittant.

More info:
-- The automount daemon is running.
-- The problem is with both direct and indirect mounts.
-- /var/adm/messages shows no problems
-- no problems on the console during boot
-- the client is in one subnet and the NFS server (NIS master) is on
-- the client has no trouble binding to the NIS domain
-- sometimes the automounts take a while to mount (60+ seconds), and only
mount after I do an ls -l
-- the box always binds to the NIS master
-- I have both IP4 and IP6 enabled.
-- I do not have a firewall on this box.
-- All of the startup scripts have executed.df -k
-- I have the latest patch cluster installed

/usr/share/man is a local hard mount, and also an automount direct mount.
When I start and stop the automounter, I get an error about /usr/share/man
being already mounted, so automounter is trying

The only workaround I have now is to reboot until I get my automounts, but
that is so uneligent.


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Subject:  Automount Busted

I am not sure what else to look at. I have a set of Solaris 9 install
disks, and I am loading an Ultra 10. I have loaded the box about 10 times
as part of a documentation procedure, and half the time my automount mounts
are usable, and half the time they are not. I am dead sure that I am doing
the install the same way each time, and I repartition the disk each time to
make sure I have a fresh install.

NIS works, in as much as ypcat works. /etc/defaultdomain is correct.
/etc/nodename and /etc/hostname.hme0 are both correct. I have run ypinit -c
several times on each problem install, and then rebooted, but that does not
help. /var/yp/binding/<domain>/ypservers is correct. I am using the latest
patch set. And so on.

On one of the installs, it made a difference what order the NIS masters and
slaves appeared in /etc/hosts.

I have another Ultra 10 with Solaris 9 that is not having problems. The
most frustrating thing is that about 1 out of 3 times I load the box,
automount works.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Andrew Rotramel
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