SUMMARY Re: Solaris XFree86 Video Drivers and Porting Kit

From: Paul Richards <>
Date: Tue Feb 25 2003 - 03:54:09 EST
Two people said it works for them.
One said it errors for him too.
(The error does not happen until you press submit)
I have emailed the webmaster in case there is a fault.
A kind soul was able to find me a copy of the files.
I am very grateful to him.


24/02/2003 13:19:46, Paul Richards 
<> wrote:

>The server from which you are supposed to be able to 
>download the Solaris XFree86 Video Drivers and Porting 
>deo-index.html ) appears to be sick, and refuses to hand 
>over the goods.
>Does anyone know where else I can obtain this?
>For those who dont know, it contains ports of Xfree86 
>drivers for Sun's Xserver on x86, which is very handy if you 
>have a laptop with an ATI display, assuming you are 
>able to download it.
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