SUMMARY: Re: installing copper gigabit card

From: Sridhar <>
Date: Fri Feb 21 2003 - 19:23:49 EST
Thanks everyone who responded - here is what I did so far
1. installed ce drivers
2. installed 111883 patch
3. shutdown system and installed card in slot 5 (bus A) - this is on the
same bridge as the other PCI bus that has onboard SCSI and hme0. We have
A1000s on other buses.
4. boot -r
5. ifconfig ce0 plumb
made sure ce0 is listed in ifconfig -a
things to do once I have the cable ready from network team:
add entry to /etc/hosts; create /etc/hostname.ce0
add entry to /etc/netmasks
setup routing for the backup LAN using a "route add net" command. Also make
a inet.d script that adds router entry upon reboot.
ifconfig ce0 ...... up
I was told that ndd commands should not be added to /etc/system. Hence I
plan to make another inet.d script in /etc/rc2.d which has ndd commands (if

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> We are installing a second NIC on our E450 running solarais8. The onboard
> NIC is used for regular network and this gigabit card will be used in a
> backup LAN for doing nightly backups. The user manual talks about
> installing drivers
> installing the card
> boot -r
> set up /etc/hostname.ce0 and make entry to /etc/hosts
> make entries to ce.conf (like if we need auto negotiation off etc)
> reboot again
> I also learnt there is a patch I need to install at some point (111883).
> Question is, is that all?
> The IP number I received is in a different sub-domain (understandably) and
> also differnt netmask ( vs the onboard NIC's
> Its gateway is also different from the one in /etc/defaultrouter
> Where would I enter the different netmask and gateway info?
> thanks
> SS
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