SUMMARY: Re: How do I clear TX/RX errors from a network interface

From: RIVERA Dominic <>
Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 - 10:30:33 EST
Original Problem:
One of the things that I check each day in a script is if my network card has
an TX/RX errors. After I get a notice about it I would like the error counter
to get reset so I can easily determine which day the error happened on. I
checked the man pages but didnt see anything. Bringing the interface up/down
or plumbing/unplumbing isn't an option for obvious reasons. Does anyone know?

You can't clear the counters.

Keep the value of the counters in a file and reference it.

Suggested By:
Dave Miner
Darren Dunham
Ed Alexander
Marty Davis

Thanks to all of those who clarified this for me, you are truely
appreciated.and all get +1 karma points.

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