SUMMARY: solaris 8 patch upgrade -- no more tape devices

From: Adam and Christine Levin <>
Date: Mon Mar 03 2003 - 17:32:20 EST
Thanks to:
"Wianecki, Christopher" <>
Eric Paul <>
"Fox, Alan [LTD]" <>

I tried unplugging the Gator library, resetting it, plugging it back in,
while doing boot -r in between each step.

I confirmed that yes, I can see the tape drives in a probe-scsi-all.

Tried a couple of other things, but nothing worked.

Sun got back to me, though, and had be back out the patch in the latest
cluster that deals with st drivers (108725-12).

That fixed the problem.


---Original Question---

We've been online with Sun all day, but so far they're as stumped as we
are.  Since I've occasionally solved things and told Sun about them, I'm
hoping one of you has seen something like this.

Enterprise E450 running Solaris 8.  We just patched with the latest
8_Recommended, as well as the latest PROM flash.

When we brought the system up, everything was fine except we couldn't see
our tape devices anymore.

The patch cluster overwrote a lot of config files on the system, including
/kernel/drv/st.conf.  We corrected it and did boot -r, but still no go.

We've got Veritas Netbackup 3.4.1.  This machine is a media server, not
master.  It's got a SpectraLogic Gator 64000 attached with 6 Sony AIT2
tape drives, attached via SCSI in pairs to three controllers.

We get errors when we run sgscan all (veritas), where it finds our disks,
and even finds the Gator, but no tape drives.  We get a lot of errors:
/dev/sg/cXXtYlZ: user scsi ioctl() failed, may be timeout, errno = 12, Not
enough space
inquiry failed (Not enough space)

I don't know if that's related, though.

We tried a boot -r, didn't work.

We tried deleting /dev/sg and /dev/rmt (after making appropriate backups).
boot -r will recreate /dev/sg, but not /dev/rmt.

We ran devfsadm -c tape -v, but it didn't do anything.  It did *remove*
the tape devices under /dev and /devices when we ran it with -C.

We tried removing the sg and st devices in /etc/path_to_inst and then
doing a reconfig reboot, but it still didn't find any tape drives.

Finally, we tried blowing away path_to_inst and doing boot -ar (at Sun's
request), but it fails to boot, giving a bunch of "read only filesystem"
errors -- it can't even create /dev and /devices.

At this point, I'm not sure where to go -- it seems as if the machine just
refuses to recognize the tape drives, and that's a problem because we need
to run our backups (and, occasionally, restores).

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