SUMMARY: SSA - repaired and reconnected but not visible

From: Moehlman, Mike <>
Date: Mon Mar 03 2003 - 11:17:26 EST
Thanks to David Eisner and Ying Xu for responding.

Both had a couple of suggestions, but did not lead to a solution for me.  I
ended up getting some downtime this weekend to reboot (reconfiguration reboot)
the box.  Everything can up fine after the reboot and I was able to add the
mirror back.

Suggestions were:
Check LCD on front panel for double arrow indicator.
   It was present and online.  Messages in /var/adm/messages logged that it
was online.

Look at "luxadm insert".
   Did not help me.  Had forgot about this one, but none of the options would
"see/discover" the repaired array.

David sent a procedure that he had used in the past to recover from problems
with a standalone array.  It started with using "ssaadm display".  Was unable
to use this because the "/dev and /devices" structure was not built for the
new WWN.  Tried to hand create part of the structure, but did not have any

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From: Moehlman, Mike
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Subject: SSA - repaired and reconnected but not visible

> I have two SSA114's connected to a E4000 running Solaris 8.  We mirror the
data between the two arrays.
> This morning one of the SSA114 died.  It has been repaired.  However, after
reconnecting the array, I can not get the system to "see" array.  The WWN did
change, but I can work around that once the drives are "visible".
> I have tried combinations of devfsadm, disks, devlinks.  I looked at
but not familiar enough with the tool to know it this is right direction.
> The only hints/clues that I have been able to find talk about rebooting the
box.  Is there a way to bring this array back online with out rebooting the
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